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This is only an article in which I express my own thoughts and theories. I do not consider myself a scientist nor a philosopher, astrologist, physicist, etc, or am I here to discredit or prove anything whatsoever. I am just a curious person who have always questioned the beginning of life and WHY do we evolve.
Like many big thinkers, I never understood why we are here and what are we supposed to do. But one thing is certain… we exist! Now, you read my title and you are all probably thinking “what the hell has the evolution of species has to do with the 12/12 prophecy?” So, to help you understand what I am talking about, let’s start with the basics.
Charles Robert DARWIN was an English naturalist born on the 12th February 1809 and died on the 19th April 1882. His theory on the Evolution of species is a widely known theory in which all species descend from a common ancestor, and these species evolve naturally over time. To him the species would preserve their best “qualities” in order to survive. These genetic mutations are what he called “Natural Selection”… basically he means the survival of the fittest. In other words, the strongest will remain on earth and pass he’s best genes to the next generations who will develop new qualities.  Darwin wrote, "…Natural selection acts only by taking advantage of slight successive variations; she can never take a great and sudden leap, but must advance by short and sure, though slow steps."
Darwin's Theory of Evolution is a theory in crisis due to the great advances in molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics over the past fifty years and it was based on these great advances that I started to watch documentaries about it.
On the 21st June 2011, I watched a documentary that completely changed my thinking. Coincidence or not, that date was the start of the summer solstice… Anyway, on that documentary the narrator said: “evolution is the term to define only one organism and that’s with itself. The self is the Universe and that’s what evolves because we are all part of the self, and we are evolving.” The earth is believed to have formed 13.7 billion years ago with the Big Bang. According to the Big Bang model, the universe was originally in an extremely hot and dense state that expanded rapidly. This expansion caused the universe to cool and resulted in the present diluted state that continues to expand today.
Again, what does all this have to do with the 12/12 prophecy? So… to my understanding, Nostradamus and some other prophets, but mainly the ancient Mayan civilization said that a series of cataclysms will happen on the 21st December 2012 (winter solstice). That made me wonder if that’s what happened with the dinosaurs and what helped “creating” the Human being…  
According to the Darwin theory and those who followed, it is proven that we have the same historical DNA as all the other animals. This suggests that we (animals and humans) come from one single “creature” that reproduced and mutated. These mutations occur together with the changes of the ecosystems at the time. Scientists say that the world was one continent only, and due to the successive cataclysms, the continents separated and new ecosystems were formed, and therefore, the species also evolved according to their habitat.

We all know that the dinosaurs disappeared as well as many ancient civilizations. So to my understanding, this means that if the Mayans are right and the world will suffer dramatic climate changes, with time the human race will also suffer dramatic mutations (of course within thousands of years).
The Mayans say that 12/12 will be “the end of the world as we know it”. I do believe something will happen in 2012. Many catastrophic events already took place in the last few years… and due to these events many species are or will be extinct, and new ones will appear. Those who survive will have to adapt to the new ecosystems that will develop new species and maybe the human will mutate again...

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